What is the difference between FTB FINCOIN (FTB) and Fincoin (FNC)? FTB Fincoin are two different coins that only share a common name. FTB Fincoin (FTB) announcement took place good eight days before Fincoin (FNC). FTB Fincoin (FTB) represents FTB and it's the share the company is going to set up. Fincoin (FNC) is completely another project.

Fincoin (FNC) is actually reachable as traded in Livecoin.

FTB will not take any responsibility regarding the possible Fincoin (FNC) SCAM (see comments in bitcointalk): ( https://bitcointalk.org/index.php? topic=2007717.0):



Fincoin (FNC) has not been created by us and also has nothing related to the project. FTB Fincoin (FTB), so far, is only available in Waves Platform,where it has only been named Fincoin: id E8JDQECM6I9J28BPH81ZZWYAWTAZWJMTZPWZ4JCCMOT3.


What does FTB mean? FTB is the evolution of FT Bank Project. FT BANK Project started the Pre-Sale,bbut its new name is FTB.

FT BANK was just the name of our project. The company we will create will not have “BANK” in its name. Company name will be choosen by Fincoiners.

We chose "FT BANK" as name of our project only for recalling the backwardness of banks in FinTech, especially in the Blockchain World.


Will FTB allocate investment funds just right a bank? Absolutely not! FTB will distribute cryptocurrencies,whose value will reflect the trends of various targeted market chosen.

To give a better idea, FTB can be defined as a Tether (https://tether.to) focused on the world of investments.


Great idea, but how can you make people from Banks listen to you? Do you have any connections?

Nothing official.

Anyway, we can offer the "Connect World Funds" without without any connection with any Bank: we could even invest in banks as a customers,creating coins subsequently. We would have good contract terms and we will also offer crypto-traditional funds to the market,with all their benefits without all the typical sector inefficiencies,thus offering less commissions.


I don't understand, how can you afford offering to users the possibility to switch from a fund to another without any restriction and with commissions around 0.01$?

FTB will not distribute fund shares but crypto-assets. This assets circulate in the Blockchain,a public record, whose functioning is allowed by mining, so not by a private or by a central body. Coins management can be compared to users' share,with regards to in and out transfer,switches,rise in investment, refund or whatever adjustment requested by the user, has no cost: this public record is constantly updated and its safety is ensured by the mining,that makes every transfer safe and immutable.


What is Blockchain Technology?



How can I create a wallet?

To send,receive and exchange FTB Fincoins is enough using Waves Wallet. Over the lite client(https://wavesplatform.com/downloads.html) are also available apps in google play and appstore(https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/waves-wallet/id1233158971?mt=8 ,  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wavesplatform.wallet).


How can I move Waves after creating a wallet and after buying them in an Exchange,so that getting ready to purchase FTB Fincoins?

After having purchased them in an Exchange (if you don't want to or if you can't purchase them directly on Waves Platform we suggest Bittrex.com) you'll just have to to send them to your own Waves wallet. In this video you can see the whole procedure step by step:



I have a question about the fuctioning of Waves platform and how to use it

For each question about Waves Platform not present among our FAQs,you can refer to their FAQs (https://blog.wavesplatform.com/faq-7664c1d1b1bf)


Why is the 30% of FTB Fincoins destined for members?

Instead of others ICO (in other successful ICO was promised the 20%), the company which will create FTB will destinate the TOTALITY of profits to the possessors of coins. The market will have the ownership of the 70% of the company AT LEAST (10% will be distributed to the Partners),the right to receive dividends and also the right to participate in the management of the company that will be set up. Furthermore, in the 30% is also included the payment of the future members.


Why is FTB Fincoin Re-issuable?

Fincoin is re-issuable, but not in order to pay dividends. They are re-issuable only to give Fincoiners the possibility to replicate the “issuing new share”, Fincoiners have the right to buy new issuing before the market placement (Right of option) How will dividends be distribuited?

Dividends could be distributed in: FTB Fincoin, Waves, Bitcoin and Ether.


How can dividends be distributed?

Once the distribution of dividends is announced, will be set up a specific date and time.: for instance, June 19, 2018 at 00:00 GMT + 0.

Whoever has Fincoins at that specific time, will be entitled to receive dividends in his portfolio.


In what Exchange will FTB FINCOIN be exchanged?

FTB Fincoin will always be traded in Waves Decentralize Exchange. We're already establishing contacts with many others Exchanges and it's likely to be added right after the ICO.

FTB is also taking into consideration to issue the ICO directly in a “traditional” Exchange. This way FTB Fincoins would already be in an Exchange during the ICO.


What is going to happen to unsold FTB Fincoins?

Unsold FTB Fincoin will be allocated to the enterprise (like treasury shares), this way FTB Fincoins not allocated will be available to all Fincoiners according to their participation share.


Why did you choose Waves Platform and not Ethereum?

We choosed Waves Platform for its ease use. Anyone can use the platform without knowing programming language. This way it's also very simple to manage our coins: all the coins will represent funds andFTB FINCOIN (FTB).


When will Fincoiners choose the company name? How long will the referendum last?

In the period between the end of Pre-sale and Ico we will ask you to send us possible company names, we will choose 3 of them and,after the ICO, we'll have our first referendum!


How do FTB Refenerendums work?

In order for a motion to be drafted,it needs to receive enough approvals (in FTB): the consensus shall be equal to 0.3% of the total amount of Fincoins in circulation,calculated on the total of Fincoins (FTB) issued (now 10 billions),not including Fincoins owned by the company. All the received Fincoins will be held as personal shares,so part of their possession will be available for each Fincoiner. Once reached the 0.3%,the referendum is induced,represented by alternative requests.

For instance,let's think of this simple proposition:

We want to increase the FTB in circulation by 10% (so from 10 to 11 billions). The portfolio representing the idea reaches the target percentage and the following referendum is induced:


Do you want to increase FTB Fincoin total supply by 10%?




Send the FTB to the following address

Send the FTB to the following address







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