Moving to the future

We're going through the 4th industrial revolution and we know that this time it will be different from all the previous ones. FT Bank aims to be part of this revolution by embracing and sharing the values Blockchain has to offer.


    Connect world funds

    Through CWF technology, our clients will invest their money by purchasing the same amount of coins created by FTB. Digital coins will replicate exactly the trend of the traditional common funds, allowing the clients of FTB to benefit from the returns of the managed funds, without any typical commission cost of the common funds

    Crypto-funds investments

    Through cryptocurrencies as well as fiat currencies, we'll invest in new crypto-markets seeking to exploit the most the volatility of these markets. Moreover, even investing a small amount of money, it will be possible aiming for high returns. This way, even those who have no technical-financial knowledge can benefit from the same high earning opportunities. 

    Cloud funds

    We offer the possibility to participate in Clouds Funds: common investment funds where are the same users to decide the operation to undertake and the markets where to operate, benefiting from the financial and economic knowledge of all the network. Each user can share his own idea in a dedicated forum: the one receiving more consensus (according to the participation share) will be implemented.

PRE-ICO SALE is over!

The Pre-ICO Sale percentage distribution is only 0.81%!
You can buy FTB Fincoin (FTB) before ICO in Waves Decentralized Exchange:

Asset id in Waves: 


Join the bounty


Time before ICO

  • Fincoins allocated on the market 60
  • Fincoins intended to partners 10
  • Fincoins intended to: founders, members, developers and assistants 30



  • Price will start from 0.0005$
  • TOTAL FINCOINS allocated on the market (Pre-Sale + ICO): 60%
  • TOTAL Fincoins intended  to partners: 10%​
  • TOTAL Fincoins intended to: founders, members, developers and assistants: 30%
  • In case we don't reach the goal of  300,000 USD (or its equivalent in cryptocurrencies), we will not be able to carry out our project, whereby the funds will be reinbursed.

Why is the 30% of FTB Fincoins destined for members?

Instead of others ICO (in other successful ICO was promised the 20%), the company which will create FTB will destinate the TOTALITY of profits to the possessors of coins. The market will have the ownership of the 70% of the company AT LEAST (10% will be distributed to the Partners),the right to receive dividends and also the right to participate in the management of the company that will be set up. Furthermore, in the 30% is also included the payment of the future members.


Wall Prices FTB Percentage FTB Fincoin
$0.0005 6,00%600,000,000
$0.0006 10,00% 1,000,000,000
$0.0007 10,00% 1,000,000,000
$0.0008 10,00% 1,000,000,000
$0.0009 12,00% 1,200,000,000
$0.0010 12,00% 1,200,000,000
Soft Cap 300,000$
Hard Cap 4,680,000$

Whoever believes to bring and added value to the project
can feel free to contact us.

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